A new theme for Freewaregenius!


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Finally, a new theme. Although I liked the old Lightbreaker theme, I’d been wanting to move away from it for some time. After researching WordPress themes for quite a long time (free and paid) I finally decided to go with the this one, Arthemia Premium (there is an excellent free version as well, which can be found here).

It took a lot of customization and a lot of time to get this theme to where I want it to be, and in fact I am using a smaller sub-set of the features that this theme has to offer, but I am happy with it

The main impetus behind the switch is that for some time now I’ve been wanting something that could better make use of all the content that my site has accumulated over the years. Although the “wordiness” and length of my posts is in many ways what makes this blog unique, I always had a suspicion that, assaulted with a wall of words, many (most) readers are generally speaking less likely to engage and less likely to be able to quickly find what they are looking for and/or find content that they actually may be interested in. (I’d also considered changing my format to short, more frequent posts, but decided against it.

The other thing that I wanted was some sort of “featured articles” widget on top, and now I have one!

Let me know what you guys think. If you are interested in buying this theme for your own WordPress site use the banner below to do so!

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