This site is about FREEWARE, free and open source software, free web apps and web services, and free mobile apps. It aims to provide it’s audience with value added reviews, tech tips, and discussion that revolves around FREE software, tools, and web services. We support the following platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android, but will occasionally cover Linux or Mac as well, although to a much lesser extent.

When this site first started in 2006, our mission was to replace as many retail/shareware software as possible with first rate FREEWARE alternatives. Our slogan ‘Someday all software will be free‘ has a number of different interpretations. Value-added work will and should always require compensation, so don’t take it literally, word for word. It can mean any of the following:

  • That the day is here where most people can use populate their computers with only FREE program, without sacrificing any functionality.
  • That the day is here where the leading FREE program can go head to head and in most cases surpass the paid alternative.
  • That the day might come soon when FREEMIUM is the leading, most successful model for monetizing programs and apps.

It could also mean any of a number of related things that I am not thinking of right now. If you can think of something let us know in the comments.

Note that this site will not list every single free program on the planet. Sometimes less is more! I assume that for every category there are one or two programs that anybody would want to use. This site will present you with these handful of options, filtered and picked out.

If you have better things to do than scour the web for cracks, serials, and hacked copies of the software you use, then this site is for you, because the free software that is presented here is in most cases BETTER than anything you could pay for.

I created this site because I enjoy finding, downloading and testing new software. I hope you will enjoy these programs too.

Notes on SELECTION (and ratings): the selection criteria are my own, based on my actually using the program. I will not post something that I have not installed and tried out. If you see a program listed here it is because we thought it was WORTH listing. Exceptional programs and services can be awarded the ‘Freewaregenius Pick’ distinction. When this site was first started we used to award star ratings; we don’t do this any more although you may find some legacy star ratubgs inside the site.

Most of these are programs are Freeware (100% free). In RARE instances I might list something that is adware if there is no other option out there for that category, but only if the ads are innocuous and do not interfere with the user experience. I will almost never list any programs with partial functionality and/or nags that urge you to pay or upgrade to a more advanced pay version.

Please do not post any serials for shareware programs here or anything that points to cracks or cracked versions of commercial/shareware software. Any such comments will be promptly removed.

More information can be found in our FAQ and Privacy Policy pages. If you would like to contact us, use this form.