Access favorite folders within a stylish popup launcher on the taskbar, with MiniWe


If you’re interested in a quick and stylish way to display your favorite folders on your desktop in then check out MiniWe. This free software displays a popup window right from the Windows taskbar that connects to any folder that you specify (see screenshot).

Moreover, it lets you customize the way your popup looks, as well as browse up and down the folder structure on the spot, right from the popup if you need to.

What I like about this program:

  • You can customize the way the popup looks: change icon sizes at any time via the slider, specify the number of columns used, toggle icon name visibility on and off.
  • You can browse up and down the folder structure: from the MiniWe dialog.
  • Image previews appear in MiniWe: as well as folder images.
  • Multiple MiniWe popups: you can create and use multiple MiniWe popups on the taskbar, linking to multiple folders.

MiniWe Screenshot

What can be improved:

  • Dragging and dropping to add shortcuts: is supported, but is very unintuitive, requiring that you drag to the MiniWe icon on the taskbar first, wait until the popup is open, move it onto the popup, then close and reopen the popup. (Note: only a shortcut is dropped).
  • Wish list item#1: dragging and dropping files (and not just shortcuts), straight to the popup, as you would any normal folder, would be great.
  • Wish list item #2: right clicking on any item in the popup, and getting the normal Windows context menu, in order to perform normal operations.
  • Wish list item #3: sometimes, clicking on the MiniWe icon results in the popup launcher appearing somewhere else, such as the middle of the screen or somewhere above. Fixing this so that it always appears by the taskbar icon would be great.

Note that if you would like MiniWe to start with Windows, you need to add the different MiniWe popups to the start folder manually (or use a program like Starter).

The verdict: a nice implementation of the concept.  This program is similar to others that have been previously mentioned on this blog, including Standalone Stack 2 and 7Stack but has a lot of intrinsic appeal (for example, the fact that image previews appear in the popup, and the fact that you can browse up and down the folder structure). I am keeping my fingers crossed that the author will keep developing it and making it better.

One thing I would love to see is the ability to interact with a popup launcher like this one just as I would a normal folder window, dragging and dropping files, right clicking to perform operations on existing items, etc.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for tipping us off about this software].

Version tested:

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires MS .NET Framework 3.0

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (~618K).