Access your 32-bit Windows context menu from a 64 bit environment with WOW64Menu


Have you ever right-clicked on a file or folder expecting certain functions, only to find that they are missing? This is most likely due to the fact that many applications are written for a 32 bit Windows explorer environment, and many developers have to catch up on making their apps 64-bit context menu friendly.

If you MUST have your missing favorite context menu function then check this software out; WOW64Menu installs itself in the 64 bit context menu, and simply reverts to the 32 bit context menu on command, allowing you to perform actions on files and folders instantly.

So your favorite program is missing context menu entries on your 64 bit Windows environment. The best thing would be to write the developer and ask for support.

I have done this on a number of times, only to be told that the programmer does not have access to a 64 bit computer, or that the program is no longer being updated, or I was simply ignored. Which is why I am so excited by this little Windows extension.

WOW64Menu Screenshot2

How it works: right click on a file or folder, then select “Show WOW64 Menu”; the 32 bit context menu relevant to the item(s) you selected will appear, and selections made there will be performed on the icons that you right-clicked on to begin with.

The verdict: fantastic. If you’ve made it this far in this review then you probably have been waiting for something like this nifty small tool. So, go get it 😉

Version tested:

Compatibility: 64 bit versions of Windows.

Go to the program home page to download (~310K).