Add file type icons to Gmail attachments with ‘Attachment Icons for Gmail’ Chrome extension


When you receive an email with attachment in Gmail, it shows a paperclip icon by default. Wouldn’t it be great if you can find out what type of attachment it is at a glance?

With Attachment Icons for Gmail, you can.

Attachment Icons for Gmail is a free Chrome extension that replaces the default paper clip icon by the icon for the type of attachment that it contains (e.g. is it a PDF, JPG, etc). It replaces the anonymous paperclip icon with the appropriate file attachment icon.

Using Attachment Icons for Gmail

The extension is really simple and easy to use. Just go to Chrome Web Store and install the extension. Do note that the extension requires access to your Gmail account in order to change attachment icons. Click on Add button to confirm installation process.

Attachment Icons Gmail

After installing the extension, just login to your Gmail account and you will be able to see attachment icons along with emails as shown below.

Attachment Icons for Gmail Screenshot before and after


Attachment Icons for Gmail is a really useful extension for Gmail users as it can improve Gmail browsing experience and you do not have to open long emails to check what type of attachment it has. You can just login to your Gmail account and see what type of file is attached i-e a PDf, mp3, Jpeg, etc.

Download Attachment Icons for Gmail (Chrome)