Add Quotations and Captions to your iPhone Photos, with Quipio


You might have come across inspirational quotations captioned on photos on Facebook and Twitter. One way to add them to your photos is obviously using a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, but that’s probably a deal breaker right there for most of us who don’t use photo editing software.

Instead, you could use Quipio, a very useful FREE iOS app that can make this task a lot simpler. With Quipio, users can easily add beautifully designed captions to their photos in seconds and share them on Facebook and Twitter or save them in their photo library.

You can even create an account on Quipio and share your creations with other users and view other people’s photographs.

Once installed, simply launch the app and click on the camera icon on the top right corner. After capturing the image, just select the background effect you want to add to your picture and click Save. It will then ask you to write the caption you want to add to your image. The app allows users to write a quotation of up to 400 words.


After adding the quotation, the app will ask you to select the design in which you want the caption to appear. Many people might be wondering that you cannot add your own background and capture an image every time you want to add a caption, well that’s not the case. You can select background from your photo library as well. On the select design screen, tap on the third icon as show in the image below and select the image you want to use as you background.

The app also offers users a simple way to share their photos on Twitter, Facebook or on Quipio itself as well as save it to your Phone Library.

The Verdict

Quipio can come in very handy for all those users who like to add inspirational quotes to images and share them on Facebook. However, the biggest drawback that I came across is that you have to go through what I think is an extra unnecessary step to add photos from your library. Other than that, it’s a very useful iOS app that can come in very handy.

Check out Quipio for iOS.