Add TinEye reverse image search to Windows’ right click context menu with TinEye client


If you frequently work with images and use the TinEye reverse image search engine, TinEye client is for you.

This tiny free Windows extension can integrate TinEye with Windows, enabling users to upload images to TinEye right from their desktops by the use of a TinEye context menu entry.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, TinEye is a reverse image search engine whose aim is to find where an image might be located on the net, as well as whether there are other versions of it such as different quality versions and/or variations on it.

Users can simply upload an image and let TinEye do the rest. With TinEye client, this can be done straight from the desktop by using the right click menu (see screenshot above) or by opening the TinEye client program itself and pasting an image into the interface.

TinEye Client Screenshot

For example, have you ever seen a small screenshot on a blog like this one of a desktop wallpaper that you liked, and wished that you could find and download it on the net in a large, desktop friendly size? Simply run that screenshot in TinEye and you will likely find it.

That’s all there is to say about this one. If you work with TinEye you will like it very much.

Version tested:

Compatibility: WinAll

Get to the program home page to download the latest version (approx. 336K).