Add Twitter Search Results to Google With Hashplug for Chrome


Twitter is shaping out to be an vibrant source of chatter, especially when it comes to  real-time information.

And while Google has attempted improvements on it’s search engine lately, it does not show results from social networks like Twitter. Enter Hashplug, which can do this for you.

HashPlug is a free, must have extension for Chrome that adds Twitter search results to Google search pages.

It displays relevant information from Twitter feeds on the right hand side, enabling you to get a sense of the Twitterverse on topics that you are interested in.

You can check out latest tweets related to the searched keyword, reply their tweets, retweet them or add them to favorites, etc.



Is as simple as can be. Once you install this extension in Chrome you will not see any icon in the extensions area. All you have to do is open Google and search for any keyword you want as normal. The latest tweets related to that keyword will be shown on right side of Google search page.

You can read all the related tweets, retweet and share them or reply without opening the Twitter homepage. I liked that  you do have to open browser tabs every time you want to retweet any post.


In Conclusion

An excellent extension, and probably a preview of things that will one day be part of Google. It may not be what every user wants, but for some users (and some topics) it will be invaluable.

One thing that bothers me, though, is that it does not allow the user to customize the language settings, as it will show you results in several languages which can be annoying.

Still,  a really useful extension, especially if you like (or need) real time updates, which Twitter is best equipped to provide.

Download Hashplug (Google Chrome).