Add your social feeds to your email signature, with WiseStamp


Having an active social media presence can play an important role in promoting yourself or your brand, blog or website, etc.

This is because the more you can broadcast your social media presence, the more you can get your message out or reach out to collaborators or customers.

One way to increase your social media presence is to add your RSS, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Facebook etc. to your email signature as feeds or links, and WiseStamp makes adding these as easy as can be.

It also provides for multiple email signatures that can be used on demand, and Works with most webmail services.


WiseStamp is a handy addon available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, and works with Gmail and other webmail. What this extension does is create attractive email signatures for you with embedded information including contact details, your social media accounts and other information as , and best of all, it does it without any hard work.


How to Install And Setup WiseStamp

Installing WiseStamp is simple and straightforward. Just install the WiseStamp extension for your browser. Next, launch WiseStamp and select ‘edit’.


You can add your social networks via so-called ‘apps’ (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc), other ‘apps’ can add your ebay profile, WordPress blog, RSS feeds, even your IM accounts. WiseStamp will package these into an attractive whole but the best thing about the extension is that it can share live updates from your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.


You can add your latest tweets, your WordPress blog posts and much more. You do not have to authorize your Twitter account, you just have to paste your profile name and click Apply. It will show your tweets as illustrated below.


Aside from ‘apps’, which embed live feeds, you can decide to simply add links to your social profiles as icons. Just click on Social Icons, select the social network you want to add in your signature and paste your profile URL. You can customize the format by selecting how the social profile would be displayed, either in the form of icon or text.


You can also apply border and background color to your signatures as well

Before proceeding, its better to sign up for an account on WiseStamp as it will allow you to backup your signature settings and use it on different computers. You can customize different profiles: Personal and Business which can be used in different signatures.

After creating the signature, you can sync and save it online so that you can add the same signature on different computers. Just go to Settings, select Sync and backup your signature.


if you have created separate signatures for your business account and personal account, you can select it from the WiseStamp icon in Gmail’s compose email window as well.


In Conclusion

Wisestamp is a really useful add-on and add professional signatures in your email. You can add Apps, Live updates, social networks and much more in your email signature. Do you use Wisestamp? If yes, please share your views about the extension.

In the free version, WiseStamp will add a ‘get a signature like this’ link to itself under your signature, and restricts you to 5 cutsom profiles. Although the paid version offers unlimited profiles, 5 custom profiles are probably more than enough for most user’s’ need.

Download Wisestamp (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers. Works with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo).