Advanced World Clock 5 is your all-in-one global time reference


If you ever find yourself needing to know the current time at a distant place or city across the country or on the other side of the world, then Advanced World Clock is for you.

Aside from the time, you could look up a number of related info, such as the length of day, the time at sunset, the dial codes, and a handful of other factors.  Advanced World displays a world map as its interface, which users can either navigate via mouse or keyboard, or simply search for the city or location they want by means of a search box.

Sure, you can get this information when you need it by searching Google, but this app is so pretty and nicely put together that we can’t help but recommend it. It also has international dial (phone) codes for any city that you want, as well as a number of sophisticated, esoteric features that probably nobody needs. For example, it you are looking to find out, say, the time at sunset in Cape Town on new years eve in two years, you can look it up with this program.

Advanced World Clock Screenshot

One nice feature, though is ‘multiple clock view’ (see below), which can float on your desktop widget style and displays the time at several cities of your choosing. To access this, right click on the program icon in the system tray and select it.

Advanced World Clock Screenshot2 - multiple clock view

The verdict: a nice app, for what it offers. It is well made and looks good, and now that we are leading increasingly globally-oriented work and lifestyles, many people may find it useful (although I couldn’t help but think it would be more useful as a mobile app).

Download it from the program home page (Windows).