AltDrag: easily grab and drag your windows from anywhere (and snap them to other windows)


AltDrag is a free, small utility that provides the ability to move a window by clicking anywhere on it while holding down the Alt key, as opposed to having to click on the title bar.

It also provides snap-to-edge functionality in relation to other windows or the sides of the screen when moving the window while pressing Alt+Shift.

For those of us with Linux envy, this program brings to Windows a function that Linux users have had for a while. More notes on this program as follows:

  • Moving windows: you can move any window by simply pressing Alt and clicking the mouse button when it is placed anywhere over the widow. Note that Alt+clicking windows that are maximized will minimize them, while full screen windows such as games are unaffected.
  • Snapping windows’ edges: pressing Alt+Shift when moving a window (or just shift if moving a window normally from it’s title bar) will cause the window to snap to the edges of other open windows or the edges of the screen.
  • AltDrag in the system tray: the AltDrag icon in the system tray allows you to enable/disable it, hide the AltDrag system tray icon (inwhich case running the executable will make it re-appear afterwards if needed) and also enables you to toggle starting AltDrag on system startup.
  • Memory use: approx 4.8 megs. Not a lot, but seems like it could have been smaller.
  • Installation: no install needed; simply unzip and run.

The verdict: I can report that after using this utility for 48 hours, is easy to get used to and start using without even thinking about it. I particularly like the Alt+Shift snap to other windows or screen edges function. Overall a very interesting program.

Version Tested: 0.4

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 12K). Note that the program is compressed in .7z format; if you need a freeware program that can decompress .7z check out Tugzip or Jzip