Animated Christmas Trees for the Desktop: ho, ho, ho!


’Tis the season to be jolly again, apparently, and what better way to celebrate than by giving to your favorite freeware site? (for example). Or you could place one or more animated Christmas trees on your desktop to infuse your every moment with that festive holiday cheer!

These trees hover on your desktop, lights flickering, in all their animated glory. You could download them singly or in an all-in-one pack that contained no less than 18 different trees at the time I tested it. Kudos go to the developer for the sheer range and variety of the different tree designs (nothing short of astounding!).

Each tree is a single executable that does not need installation and can be dragged around your screen, (optionally) set to be always on top of other windows, and has adjustable transparency setting. Memory consumption for each is  about 4/5 megs in

Xmas Trees Screenshot2

Xmas Trees Screenshot1

memory, which is really very little.

Note on security:  these trees have  clean bill of health from VirusTotal (see here). However, they do insert themselves into your startup folder by default, which is strange and annoying. Right click on each tree you launch and uncheck “startup” to get rid of the tree in your startup folder auotmatically launching with Windows.

The verdict: generally very well done; the author obviously had a lot of fun making these. Thanks Dmitriy!

If you like this sort of desktop-based toy check out Soup Toys and Binary Toys, which are somewhat in the same vein.

Compatibility: WinAll

Download here (about 5.7 megs for the all-in-one download).