Animated short of the week: More


“More” is an award winning, academy-nominated animated short film made by filmmaker Mark Osborne in 1998.

The 6 minutes film chronicles the life of a lonely individual with a colorless existence, but who is nonetheless propelled to change his life by a (literal) fire in his belly.

I watched this film after a friend recommended it. It portrays the drab, colorless life of a guy living in some sort of hyperindustrialized, perpetually grey metropolis.

I think all of us can identify with his situation, especially the part when the fire in his belly keeps pushing him towards something different in his life (depicted literally, with our hero opening a door on his belly and peering into the smoldering furnace inside – how cool is that?).


The ending is more ironic than hopeful but thought provoking all the same; and the soundtrack is really pleasing. Check it out below.

Check out Mark Osborne’s More page.

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