AnAppAday: 30 free apps created in 30 days


AnAppAday is one blogger/programmer’s month long project where he created one app per day for 30 days straight. Using the pseudonym “The software Jedi” he did this during the period between 9/15/2006 and 10/14/2006 and published it on a blog.

I was searching Google for something (I now forget what) and stumbled on this blog. Needless to say I was immediately intrigued by the apps on offer and started downloading and testing. Check out the apps section here or click on any of the individual app posts in the list below.

My favorite app is probably the “Jedi Window Dock“, a simple tabbed window that can accomodate any open windows or apps that you would like to remove from the Windows taskbar (see screenshot above). Very handy if, say, you have a lot of open folder windows that you would like to cluster together in groups, or you’re working with multiple command line or console windows that you would like to tidy up. You can dock any kind of window from any app, although I found that Internet Explorer windows can behave strangely once they are docked/undocked (e.g. they minimize and might not maximize if you click on them in the taskbar).

Here’s a list of links for all 30 apps:

Note that the source for all of the apps is made available, and that most of them will require that you download the the MS .NET Framework 2.0