Annotate your images and screenshots and add visual elements with iPhotoDraw


Do you ever need to annotate images or screenshots (i.e. add text, text callouts, arrows, circles, or other illustrative visual elements?). Whether your screenshot taking program offers basic annotation or image editing functionality or none at all, you might find this tool quite useful.

iPhotoDraw is a free, simple, and easy to use image editor designed solely for image annotation purposes. It offers basic annotation elements such as text and callout balloons, shapes, arrows and the like.

This program is not a Photoshop alternative. It does not employ layers, filters, plugins, selection tools, or any semi-sophisticated functions. But it will let you add text and other illustrative elements to your image, and it will let you superimpose other images onto your image as well.

What I like about it:

  • Simple and very easy to use: almost no learning curve whatever
  • Has nice text adding ability: I like the text callout balloons.
  • Can easily superimpose other images; transparency supported, as is send to front/back.

Wish list (or how it can be even better):

  • The ability to enlarge canvas size, and/or automatically enlarge the photo if the objects are out of range.
  • The ability to crop the image: is strangely missing.

The verdict: this is the good program if you frequently make screenshots or work with images and need a quick and easy way to to add annotation or other elements; for anything more advanced, however, use another more sophisticated freeware bitmap editing program (e.g. GIMP, Paint.NET, RW Paint, etc).

Version tested: 1.0 build 4305

Compatibility: Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx. 5.3megs)