Annotate and share the web with, a “yellow highlighter pen for the web”


Imagine that you just read something on a webpage that you like and that you would like to highlight and keep, or even share with others.

With you could simply highlight the content on the page in bright fluorescent yellow, as you would a real marker, and get a shortened URL when you are done that you could keep or share via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Opening this URL will bring back the webpage AND jump to the content you highlighted; it’s as simple as that! will keep all your highlights accessible online in a single place. It is available as an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

market-to screenshot

How to use: after installing the,you will be asked to create a account. Next …

  1. market-to screenshot2Find content you like
  2. Click on the icon in the browser toolbar (see it on Chrome in the screenshot to the right).
  3. Highlight text. You can highlight more than one text block in multiple colors (see screenshot, top of this article).
  4. Share the URL via email or right from the widget on Facebook or Twitter.

It works remarkably well.

The verdict: very nice. I can imagine a certain type of user loving the ability to filter the web and hone in on specific content, especially for those who share a lot of articles on Facebook and Twitter. is also very nicely implemented; kudos to the developers for a job well done.

I have seen other extensions that do the same thing (e.g. Diigo, which actually has more options), but I like’s sheet simplicity and ease of use. Recommended!

[Thanks to user Panzer for tipping us off about this one].

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer support is in the pipeline.

Get it here.