Another two fantastic FREE games for Android


We published a post last month entitled “Two insanely addictive free games for Android”. This post is a follow-up to that one, featuring another two excellent, addictive games that are free to play: Radiant Defense and Dead Trigger.

Radiant Defense is a highly polished Tower Defense game that, once you start playing it, will suck you in and keep you glued to your Android. Dead Trigger is a zombie-themed 3D first person shooter that is fast paced and extremely well made.

Both games are ‘freemium’, meaning that there are in-game goodies that you can purchase, but are not necessary to play the game. Dead Trigger used to be a paid app but the developers made a change due to ‘extremely high levels of piracy’ of the Android app. Both are ad-free.

The two games we wrote up last time were puzzle games; to change things a little bit this time around we bring you a terrific tower defense game and a first-person shooter

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick1. Radiant Defense: simply one of the best tower defense games on Android

There’s a reason why tower defense games are popular: something about the concept is super addictive and fun. Not all tower defense games are born equal, however, and Radiant Defense is simply one of the best of the genre.

Radiant Defense Screenshot

The game is not perfect, but is close to it. It is not easy, but not impossibly difficult. It consists of 12 levels, and although you do not need any paid upgrades to play it, there is a ceiling on the highest level you will be able to finish without buying anything. My challenge that I gave myself was to finish the game without buying upgrades, but was only able to reach level 7. Getting there was extremely enjoyable, though, and I highly recommend the game.

One thing that I wish this game had, however, was the option to revert and replay the previous level at will, as many times how you fare on this level has to do with the resources that you used up on the last level. Other than that this game is close to perfect, imho.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick2. Dead Trigger: as good as a FPS will get on a touchscreen device

Dead Trigger Screenshot

First off let me say one thing: I always thought that playing first-person-shooters on touchscreen devices is not ideal. The transition from a mouse and the WASD keys to the virtual buttons on screen always left something to be desired, in my experience. But I will say that the developers of dead trigger did a great job, delivering a highly playable and credible FPS experience that satisfies.

Dead Trigger provides a well-made, post-apocalyptic 3D world overrun by zombies. The graphics are great and the game highly playable, and very much worth checking out.

Know of other FREE games that are excellent (preferably ad-free, though freemium is ok). Let me know in the comments section below.