Apple’s new connector is a big mistake (and other reasons why I abandoned Apple and iOS)


Since the first iPhone was introduced we’ve purchased four iPhone models in our household as well as an iPad 2. Prior to the launch of the iPhone 5, I became the proud owner of an Android device (the wonderful Galaxy Note), but my wife still preferred the iPhone, primarily because we have an iPhone speaker, a Bose SoundDock 2 that we like a lot.

That investment was the reason she was holding out for the iPhone 5, but now, because the iPhone 5’s connector has changed, and because the SoundDock requires the old iPhone connector, she is going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3.

All I have to say is ‘Hallelujah’. Apple has been getting on my nerves for quite some time for a growing number of reasons, not least of which is the notion that they ‘own’ the pinch to zoom concept. Here’s a quick list of other things I dislike about Apple and iOS.

Goobye iOS

  1. The fact that Apple makes it not-very-easy to get your own media on the iPhone while making it as easy as can be to get media from iTunes. With Android, I can move media files from my laptop to my mobile device wirelessly, without converting them first, and a host of media player apps will play any format that you throw at them. (Go here for a fantastic list of free Android apps, including apps to beam files to your device wirelessly, and to view media without converting them first).
  2. The fact that iTunes is an overgrown, clunky, un-user friendly piece of crap that will take over your computer if you’re not careful. This from a company who are supposedly masters of user friendly design. Getting rid of iTunes alone was worth the move to Android.
  3. I honestly like Android a lot better than iOS. I don’t know much about iOS 6, but I do know that it was refreshing, when I first got Android, to see that you can do other things with it than the rows of icons that is iOS5 (e.g. widgets, custom launchers and interface tweaks).
  4. The fact that you could never simply install an SD card into an iPhone in order expand its memory. I bought a 32 gig SD card for my Galaxy Note for about $50.
  5. The fact that you cannot replace the battery for iOS devices. If your battery becomes faulty or inefficient, it is quite expensive to get a replacement, and you might as well get a new phone.
  6. The fact that Apple suddenly takes apps off the appstore, without having to explain why, and the fact that they need to ‘approve’ apps before you can install them. (With Android, there are several appstores and you don’t need to use them, you can install apps after downloading them straight from the author’s site).

Would love to hear your thoughts!