AppWereRabbit: backs up Android apps to SD when they’re installed or updated


This app is a kind of FREE Swiss army knife of tools for app management. Supported functions include backing up and restoring your app APK’s, exporting and importing a list of apps (which you can use to re-install apps from later on), app cache cleaner, and others.

But the one real interesting function I have found is this: AppWereRabbit can create a version archive of your app APK’s automatically onto your SD card, whenever an app gets installed or updated.

This may or may not be for everyone, but if you are ever in need to re-install APK’s or obtain older version of an app (say, when the new version turns adware or gets an unwanted change), you will like this one.


AppWereRabbit Screenshot 1 - list of functionsAppWereRabbit Screenshot 2 - backed up apps

The screenshot above left shows the list of available functions, while the one on the right shows the backup archive.

Note that you can define the location of the backup folder, as well as the number of versions of each app to maintain (up to 50). If you do not care to back up older versions you can set it to ‘auto purge’ older versions as well.

The Verdict: I really love this app. It is great for managing and backing up apps, as well as keeping an older version archive, if that’s something you seek.

But it can be greatly improved by simply allowing for batch select, such as when you want to install (or uninstall) multiple apps, that you can check multiple apps rather than doing it one by one. A strange omission by the developer. A good app all the same.

Get AppWereRabbit here (Android).