Art of Office


Art of Office is a website for people to submit and share MS Office documents (Word, Powerpoint, or Excel) that have an artistic theme or that are interesting or useful. It was created by the MS Office Mac team at Microsoft.

I must admit I instantly liked this site. Its really amazing what creative people can do with office documents (I guess you can be creative with any kind of medium or platform).

I had a lot of fun downloading and trying out various artistic Powerpoint presentations and Excel Spreadsheets and I think you will too.

What’s strange is that the site says that Art of Office “is for Mac users pushing the boundaries of what can be done in Mac Office”, which seems a rather needless statement to me since users of Windows Office certainly can download and upload files as well. In fact, you do not have to have MS Office at all, since you can download OpenOffice and it will read and write most of these documents no problem.

Update: We apologize, but this service no longer exists.