Articles worth reading: link dump March 2012


‘Curating’ articles seems to be all the rage these days. And since we like to be ‘with it’ here at Freewaregenius, we therefore present you with 3 technology related articles that we know you will enjoy.

  • Gestures of intent: quick — what’s the most exciting technology around? Touchscreens that can detect multiple points of input? 3D printers? Actually, it just may be that Microsoft’s Kinect technology, in the future, might have more impact than either of these.
  • The top ten most destructive computer viruses of all time: are, in order, (1) Stuxnet, (2) Conficker, (3) agent.btz, (4) Zeus, (5) PoisonIvy, (6) MyDoom, (7) Fizzer, (8) Slammer, (9) Code Red, and (10) Love Letter/I LOVE YOU.


Angry Shmangrytop-10-computer-viruses-631
If you have any thoughts on these we would love to hear them below.