Atlantica Online brings turn-based strategy action to the world of MMOs for free


Do you like turn-based strategy games? Sick of the twitch-fest first person shooters that everyone is crowing about?

Well there’s a host of awesome games out there that play at a slower pace (turn-based) and many of them cost absolutely nothing to play! Atlantica Online is one of those, and it’s a Massive Multiplayer Online game as well.

Recently, the Free To Play (F2P) game model has become much more popular, especially for MMOs and Steam offers an overturned flaming truck load of them that are of above average quality. Ranging from very simple games that you can pick up and put down casually to much more complex MMO style or single player RPG style games, Steam has become one of the absolute best places to find as much free gooey gaming goodness as you can handle. Recently, I tried Atlantica Online at the behest of one of our readers, and I was not disappointed.


Atlantica Online is, as stated, a turn-based F2P MMO that contains some very satisfying graphics, great soundtrack and since it’s an online experience it’s replay value is top notch. The world of Atlantica Online is that of a mythic land containing dragons, swords and sorcery, cannons, guns, as well as a huge selection of beautifully rendered locations that you will visit in your adventures, from Egypt to China and beyond. The game play has some very innovative (or at least very interesting) touches to it. One of the ways in which it excels is by combining turn-based combat with city management style play. You’ll be able to not only create your own character and lead him/her on adventures that will reap rewards of equipment and skill upgrades but you will also be given the opportunity to hire mercenaries to build your own little army and fight the forces that want to destroy you on your quest to find Atlantis.


I found nearly everything about this game to be top notch, from the graphics to the sound to the scale options. There’s an option to load lower resolution/quality graphics for those that have a lower end system and that’s always a big plus in my book. While the different looks and visual styles of characters can sometimes blend together and make it tough to stand out from the pack, the game play and the different options involved in it more than make up for that little slight. I would recommend Atlantica Online to anyone seeking a new MMO challenge or even those that played it before when it was not an online experience, and see what it has to offer now that it’s playable with all your friends. Until next time!

  • Get Atlantica Online for here.