Audiosauna Beta gives you a complete audio studio for free


Do you enjoy creating music or mixing your own song versions? Audiosauna Beta is a full-featured complete audio solution for making your own tracks and editing almost any audio file you want. It is loaded with useful features and costs nothing to use!

Audiosauna is an online web service that provides a full audio suite which will not only allow you to edit audio files but let you create your very own music. You can set up various ‘virtual’ instruments or ‘synth’ tools and then play them in a virtual environment.

It’s much easier to use than it is to explain how to use it, so much so that even the novice with little or no experience can jump in and start getting creative right away. The version of Audiosauna available at the time of this posting is close to complete and has so many features that most people won’t notice that it is in beta.

Audiosauna Screenshot1

Among the various tools and features Audiosauna offers, you’ll find many different ‘instruments’ like a standard piano synth or a virtual guitar or drum kit. Each instrument also features a number of great ‘filters’ that will let you change the sound and feel of each instrument. You’ll also find tons of different ‘effects’ like reverb and echo, water modulation or wave distortion and more than can be listed in such a short post. Suffice it to say you won’t run out of options or feel limited in much of any way. Whether you want to create a better punk sound or re-create an 80s favorite sound, or just play around with point and click music making, Audiosauna will have something to offer you.

Audiosauna ScreenShot00067Audiosauna ScreenShot00069

Once you complete your creation you will have a few options for exporting or saving it in .wav format. You can save individual tracks as well as individual loops and use them in later works as well. Alternatively, you can just save your entire project as a file on your desktop so you can work on it more later, before exporting the final product. Importing is also an option, as long as you’re trying to import a .wav file.

There may be further support for other audio file formats in the future but even if they don’t add more, this is still one seriously robust bit of software that currently costs nothing at all to use! Therefore, I’d recommend it for nearly anyone of any age that has any interest in being creative with sound or music. Until next time, my friends.

  • Check out Audiosauna Beta here.