Automatically download pictures and videos from social networking sites with Social Folders


Social Folders is a free program available for Mac and Windows that acts almost like a Dropbox for your social networking content like photos and videos.

Social Folders will automatically connect to your various social networks, and automatically download the content you choose, directly to your computer.

The free version of Social Folders allows 3 service connections and 1000 downloaded files per month; however, both of these can be increased when you refer your friends to sign up with Social Folders.

There are so many social networking sites and tools out there now that it can be a full time job just keeping track of them, not to mention keeping them updated.

Going from Facebook to Flickr to Picasa and every other social site you have can take up more time than you actual job and you don’t make any hard cash from it.

For this reason alone, many people I know have given up on the whole social networking thing completely. Imagine how much easier and nicer it would be if there was a way you could automatically keep track of your photos and videos, documents and other files on those sites, and have the content organized in a way that not only makes sense to you but is easy to navigate without a whole day of training.

Social Folders Screen 1Social Folders Screen 2

Social Folders does just that. When you first set up your account for Social Folders, you will be allowed to connect up to three different social networks. Between those networks, you’ll be able to automatically manage up to two thousand files of data, whether they are pictures, videos, etc. For most of us that will be enough but for the hardcore socializers that might not be enough. One particular friend of mine has no less than eight different accounts on different social sites, so he would need more than just three, obviously. Social Folders has a neat solution for that kind of issue, though. Rather than making a paid account your only other option, Social Folders follows the modern economics of social networking by allowing you to invite other people to use it, and thereby gain permissions for more networks and more files to be managed. Once your invitations have been accepted and your invitees have installed and run the Social Folders program for the first time, you’ll be given more connections and more items that you can manage through Social Folders.

Social Folders Screen 3Social Folders Screen 4

So, once you have set up your different networks and sites, Social Folders will automatically connect to them on a regular basis, download your content, and organize it into a new folder on your computer, labeled as “Social Folders” of course. Within that folder are other folders, one for each of the different sites you’ve set up, with subfolders in each of those for the different content it downloads. You’ll be able to set up options like how often to download, as well, and then Social Folders will run in the background with an unobtrusive system tray icon to give you access to the program itself when you need it.

Social Folders Screen 6Social Folders Screen 7

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. Social Folders comes at the issue or organizing and managing your social networking content from the angle of simplicity and familiarity. By organizing things into folders on your system in a way you’re already used to, it virtually eliminates the learning curve that so many other programs have. Additionally, Social Folders will save you a ton of time by downloading the content automatically while you’re at work, or doing anything else on the computer. You can then sort through the different items at your leisure without having to go to each site, log in, and explore all the different pages with new content that you want to view.

Social Folders Screen 8Social Folders Screen 9

From what I have seen, this program has the potential to be the holy grail of social networking management and streamline the whole process no matter how many social sites you belong to. In the modern world of light speed pacing and absolutely no free time, this program can be more than a boon. As the program continues to develop, we can hope to see more innovations and more ways to use it to save time and energy in your online social world. A mobile application, for example, would be a great addition to the program but even if they never add one it will still save you tons of time and headaches dealing with your social pages. Go check it out for yourself, invite your friends, and free up some time to do those important things you have neglected, like counting the bumps on your stucco ceiling. Until next time, my friends.

[Thanks go to user Panzer for tipping us off about this service].

Get Social Folders here.