Back (again)!


Just got back from a 10 day vacation where the only access to the internet I had was via free WIFI in random cafés, on my iPhone. If you sent me an email or left a comment in the interim, I will do my best to respond soon.

One thing that seems clear is that I need more writers; so, if you would like to write for Freewaregenius drop me an email and tell me why you would be a spectacular writer. Or if you know someone who would be a good candidate tell them Freewaregenius is hiring.

I’ve also been toying with this idea, that does not seem to go away, of changing the name of my site. I like ‘Freewaregenius’ but I am afraid it is too limiting for the type of content that I would like to publish, including segments such as “productivity tips”, “ideas that can change the world”, and smartphone app reviews, which are frequently not free. And I do not want to start building two brands instead of one. My main concern, of course, is losing Freewaregenius’ SEO standing (will Google still credit inbound links if the original page is redirected to a new URL?).

I have a cool new URL that I own and like, that would be perfect (and that I will keep secret for now). But is it even possible to change your site’s URL and maintain all the SEO credibility that the old URL has? I’ve got to hit the Google to research this. If you know SEO I’d love to hear your opinion/thoughts!