Backup and restore Windows’ registry and user profiles with’s Registry Backup


There are many ways to protect your system. You could use Windows’ internal ‘system restore’, for example, or you could make backup images of your system partition.

Another way to protect your system would be to backup your registry (and user profiles) and restore them when you need to, and which has the advantage of requiring relatively very small space on your hard drive.

Restoring a registry backup can be an instant solution to many problems, such as malware attacks or to restore your system’s performance.’s Registry Backup is a free tool that can backup your registry and user profiles and lets you restore them at will. In addition, it allows for scheduling registry backups automatically, and to store registry backups with automatic cleanup within a user defined period.

Tweaking.coms Registry Backup Screenshot

The last time we reviewed a registry backup utility was on Nov 2010 when we reviewed ERUNT GUI, a registry backup program that employed ERUNT, which for many years was the default registry backup program in everyone’s mind, or at least the most well known.

But’s Registry Backup is different from ERUNT in two, extremely important ways

  1. Task Scheduler Registry BackupFirst,’s Registry Backup can automatically schedule backups (using Windows’ task scheduling program), and will keep prior backups for a period of your choosing. By default you can schedule a backup to take place on login and keep backups for 30 days.
  2. Second.’s Registry Backup uses the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup your system registry, as opposed to the RegSaveKey API used by ERUNT. This enables Registry Backup to backup multiple user profiles that are not logged in, and makes this a very viable tool for complete system recovery.

Registry Backup is extremely easy to use, and will run on any XP or newer version of Windows. It is very easy to use, as you can see in the video below.

The verdict:

What is worth mentioning is the ease with which registry backups can be done and/or scheduled with this tool, and the ease with which they can be restore (you can restore from safe mode if you need to as well if you cannot boot into your system, and there is even a portable version of the program that you can use).

There are many potential virtues of restoring your registry, which revolve around getting rid of unwanted changes: changes brought about by malware or by unwise user decisions or software installs, etc, or whatever else you can think of. In my case, where I install and test/try out dozens of software titles every week, it is a great way to protect my system in general and have the means to fix things without necessarily having to restore an image (which I will do periodically anyway, but can be somewhat labor intensive).

My advice: check out the video above and check this software out, it can be a great help in safeguarding your system.

Go to the program home page to download (Windows XP or higher).