Base Invaders


Base Invaders is a free game that can be best described as a cross between ‘Lemmings’ and a real-time 3D builder-game.

In ‘Base Invaders’ you build defences to protect your tower from the hordes of cartoonish invaders. There are 10 different kinds of invaders, from the simple runt type to kamikaze bombers all the way to ninja invaders.

Depending on what you’re up against, you have to build your base’s defences in the manner that can best handle a combination of these threats.

There is also a range of base defences you can use; the challenge is to combine these together to defend effectively.

For example, you could build big fans that collect all invaders crossing their path and fling them in the direction of a big laser or hammer that will stomp them out, or if you are dealing with bombers you might want to use the ‘spring’ traps that will throw them into the air so that when they explode they do not take your walls or other defences with them, etc.For each invader you destroy you get cash that you can use to pay for additional defences.

The concept behind this game is very nicely implemented. Base Invaders is a frantic game that looks good and is extremely playable.


  • Base Invaders is a 35 meg download.
  • See the ‘readme’ file in the installation directory if you have graphics issues with your hardware.
  • The download site will ask you to sign their terms and conditions policy by providing your age. It will also ask for some info (name, email, and education level (?)). If you don’t like to provide this you can enter anything.

Version tested: 1.2

Go to the download page page to download the latest version. The game home page.