BitSpirit is a powerful and easy to use BitTorrent client that offers advanced features and is highly customizable.

What is Bittorent, you ask?: BitTorrent is an open-source file distribution protocol designed to distribute large amounts of data using decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) resources that bypass the need for costly bandwidth and server resources.

I recently read that torrent traffic-estimates on the internet as a whole range between 18% of all broadband traffic to 35% of all traffic on the internet. Simply put, there is massive number of files on the torrent network (both legal and illegal) that are available for download.

BitSpirit is a solid freeware BitTorrent client that manages to be simultaneously laden with features and very low on resource utilization. BitSpirit Features include multiple simultaneous downloads, disk caching, High-speed downloads (with speed control), scheduled downloading, IE integration, instant messaging support, and fast job resumes. Other features include HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support and UPnP portmapping.

There are a number of freeware Torrent clients out there, most notably uTorrent and Azureus. Of these three my favorite is BitSpirit (and is the one I use), even if it is not necessarily the one with the most features. Click here for a comparison table for Azureus, BitSpirit, and uTorrent.

For me, BitSpirit simply has the better look-and-feel of the three; I really don’t care for a Torrent client that offers command-line-interface or web remote control support. BitSpirit provides (a) a very powerful torrent client, and (b) nice design, without intimidating complexity.

Version tested:

Compatibility: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version.