Bliss Control: Change the setting and privileges of most online services from a single place


Most online services deliberately make it difficult for registered users to find the options for changing settings or privileges or to disable their accounts.

Fortunately for users, there’s “Bliss Control” is a website that helps you disable your accounts and easily manage the settings of popular online services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram and many others).

Bliss Control can do some or all of the following for most web service: change your username, password, email, bio, email settings, delete account, change mobile settings, recover your password, change profile picture, change design, change connected accounts and change 3rd party permissions.

It does this from a single, easy to use interface that routes you to the right page or URL on the services themselves, without asking for or needing to know any of your personal information.

Bliss Control Screenshot

Bliss Control is an excellent web service that can be extremely useful to users in that it lets perform tasks that you would otherwise spend a lot of time figuring out, from a single place.

The website can be used in a three step process. The first step is to select your action. This involves selecting what you want to do. You can change your bio, change your password, change your email address with that website, change your profile design, and a lot more depending on the website you choose.

The second step involves selecting the website that you have an account on. Currently a wide array of popular websites is supported that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, and more. With your action and website selected, you are shown the URL that you need to visit. This URL has the settings options which you need to change in order to complete your task. For example if you select the option to change your profile picture on Twitter, the generated URL will take you directly to the page where you can change your profile picture from. You can either click on the URL or the “Go” button.

Bliss Control Screenshot2 - actions

The best part about Bliss Control is that is does not input any of your personal account information into its settings – it is completely independent of the online accounts that you want to modify. When you click on the go link, it will automatically take you to the specific website’s settings page. So, anybody who is looking for an easy to disable his account or simply modify it on any one of the supported popular websites, this web service will be extremely helpful.

Check out Bliss Control.