Bonesaw: travel back in time with this playable, retro platformer


Bonesaw is a platform game which in terms of graphics, sound, and even the gameplay has a retro look and feel. The fast-paced action involves travelling through 30 levels of the game, solving puzzles and fighting bad guys.

I was informed about this game by a reader (hi Bill), who described is as “a little 2-D scroller that makes me think of Kirby and Megaman. You go through a bunch of levels as a hockey player trying to free his teammates from the evil referee, who has had it with the team making the crowd rowdy.

You journey through dozens of stages collecting golden hockey pucks and defeating enemies.”

The plot is some sort of in-joke, but is perfectly adequate as plots go and you really do not need a plot at all. The game is pretty much self-explanatory and all you need to do is jump in and play.

Here are more notes on this one:

  • Production qualities: both the sound, the graphics, the concept, and the look and feel harken back to early console games or old -school blocky/chunky Commodore 64 graphics.
  • Game elements: pucks to collect, buttons to push that open doors, end-level bosses to fight… i.e. what you would typically expect.
  • The fighting: involves stringing together combo moves (just experiment). It is interesting that the makers of this game managed to implement combo moves for such a little sprite, but they did, and it works relatively well. A good repertoire of moves will help you dispense of some of the bad guys, which are frequently quite tough.
  • The “bonesaw”: is in fact a special ability to dispense awesome attacks that travel distances. To get this, you have to do a lot of fighting, which causes a gauge to build up and up,
  • The difficulty level: is a good one. Meaning its not an easy game, but is certainly quite manageable. Once you reach a level you can go straight back to the beginning of it, rather than forced back to the very beginning.

The verdict: a solid game that you can simply pick up and play. Spend some time and the amount of effort and attention to detail that has been invested in this game becomes readily apparent, but perhaps the game’s best achievement is in a finely-honed playability, even if it is on the difficult side.

Check out the game in action below:

[Thanks Bill Smith for tipping me off about this game].

Version Tested: 1.1

Compatibility: Windows.

Go to game page download the latest version (approx 58.8 megs).<