Bookmarklet Combiner: consolidate many bookmarklets into one


If you use a lot of bookmarklets, you might want to check out “Bookmarklet Combiner“, a free web service that will consolidate as many bookmarklets as you like into one, and then either display them in a popup window or alternately run the list of bookmarklets in batch.

What can you do with a single, consolidated bookmarklet that you cannot do by simply placing your bookmarklets in a folder? For one thing, you can easily share or publish collections of bookmarklets.

Moreover, the popup window of bookmarklets (see top right screenshot) can be set to be displayed on various parts of the screen. It is also a simply unique way to go about organizing (and using) your bookmarklets.

Booktmakrlet Combiner Screenshot

Booktmakrlet Combiner Screenshot3

If you are interested in some cool, value added bookmarklets: check out my list of “Twelve must have bookmarklets“. A combined version of all of these can be found here (drag and drop to your browser toolbar). See screenshot to the right for a preview.

Some notes on this service:

  • How to create a consolidated bookmarklet: simply type in the name and paste in the javascript code on the bookmarklet combiner site. Choose from a number of options, such as whether the end result should run them all in batch or display in a popup. (See top left screenshot).
  • Editing a consolidated bookmarklet: unfortunately, there does not seem to be an option to load it back up again once a consolidated bookmarklet is created. You’ll have to re-do the whole thing.
  • Creating a consolidated bookmarklet for “normal” URLs: is possible, should you want to do that for whatever reason.

The verdict: a very interesting and unique service. You could say that there is a bit of a question mark over the utility that it provides, but that depends somewhat on the user and what you might want to use it for.

One thing I would wish for the ability to re-load a bookmarklet in order to change or edit it.

Visit the Bookmarklet Combiner page.