Browse the latest movie trailers in a single place with TrailerPunk


If you enjoy movies, you might be interested in TrailerPunk, a web site that displays lists of current and upcoming movies and DVD releases, and lets you watch their trailers from a single place. It even pulls in the Rotten Tomatos rating for your quick reference.

This site lists movies that are opening, upcoming moves, movies that are box office hits, movies that are in currently in theatres, and even DVD releases. You can view these separately each in its own tab.

It will even let you ‘star’ a movie as a favorite (from within the video player console itself), view movie information (see screenshot below) and email or share the trailer socially. Although you will lose your favorites if you clear your browser cache.

Another interesting feature: TrailerPunk TV, which streams nonstop movie trailers.

TrailerPunk screenshot2


  • I love the clean, sleek tabbed design
  • The fact that all the movies are in a single place
  • The fact that it pulls the rotten tomato score.

Wish list:

  • I wish it also pulled the movie metascore from Metacritic, in addition to Rotten Tomatos
  • The ability to create an account that can preserve my favorites

The verdict: a nice little site for movie buffs and aficionados. Bookmark it today!

Visit TrailerPunk.