BugMeNot is a web service that can provide temporary logins and passwords to websites/forums that require compulsory registration and/or collection of personal information before accessing their content.

Before you go out and create a temporary email in order to register with a website that you are trying to access, try BugMeNot. It is truly surprising just how many sites BugMeNot can grant access to.

It is not the case that the logins and passwords provided by BugMeNot will work with every site all of the time, but the success rate is impressive. Each login/password combination has a % success rate based on the user’s feedback.


I successfully received logins and passwords to 5 sites from bugmenot. Of these all “worked” in the sense that I was granted access to the site, but one did not give me access to the page I wanted, although it did grant me access to other pages. Bugemnot works in 4 ways: you can simply type in the site you are trying to access within the prompt at the bugmenot site and get the info you are looking for. Otherwise they provide a bookmarklet that you can click on while surfing, or install a FireFox extension or IE plugin that you can click on when you need them.

This is a community-based resource; i.e., the next time you create an expendible account on a website just to get access, you can post the login/username on bugmenot and make it available to others who might be in the same situation. All in all a great resource. I find myself wondering about what might happen when, inevitably, more than one user is using the same login/password at the same time, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Its truly remarkable just how many of the logins have simply worked first time around.

Go to the BugMeNot page.