CachePal is an Internet Explorer extension that provides single-click deletion of your internet browsing history, temporary internet files, and cookies straight from the Internet Explorer toolbar.

We were recently using a website optimization tool at work that required all cookies to be deleted every time we wanted to make a change to the page or to refresh the website we were working on.

We were using Internet Explorer, and typically, to delete cookies I use CCleaner, but in this case it was not practical to keep jumping to another program (much less wait for it to do its entire system cleaning thing or fiddle with its setting to only clean the cache).

The easiest way to do it was to go into Tools > Internet options and hunt for the clear cache command there.

I had long ago come across a plugin for Firefox which cleared the cache, temp files and browsing history straight from the browser toolbar (whose name I forget – please remind us the comments). I began searching for an extension for Internet Explorer that does that when I found CachePal. With CachePal, all you have to do to clear your browsing history, temporary internet files, and cookies is click a button one time, straight from the browser.

Needless to say this can be much more practical than using a system and/or drive cleaning software, since (a) you are more likely to remember to and actually do it, and (b) if you are a website developer you might need to clear the cache over and over when working on a project, and it’s so much easier to just have that functionality in the toolbar.

Once installed go to the “Customize Command Bar” > “Add or Remove Commands” and then add the CachePal button to your browser toolbar.

Wish list: Although there’s a certain attraction to it’s 1-click simplicity, it would be cool if you could right click the CachePal button and delete just the history or the cache, etc, or “all” by default.

Version tested: 1.0

Compatibility: Windows 98, 2K, XP. No info on Vista. Requires Internet Explorer.

You can download here (approx 273K), or go to the developer’s home page to get the latest version (note: site was down at the time of this writing).