CCEnhancer: enhance CCleaner to support hundreds of additional programs


Most of the readers of this blog are familiar with CCleaner, probably the world’s most free popular hard drive (and registry) cleaning program, featured in my “Top 30 Freeware” post.

But if you have a lot of apps installed, there is a high likelihood that a lot of redundant and useless files are accumulating on your hard drive anyway, despite CCleaner’s cleaning activity. The reason: for many apps, CCleaner has to be told where to look.

Although CCleaner offers support for a handful of very common applications, such as MS Office or Adobe Flash Player, for many more applications, such as most alternative internet browsers or apps such as uTorrent or KMplayer, etc.. CCleaner simply has no map to guide it.

This is where CCEnhancer can help. This CCleaner add-on adds support for hundreds of extra custom programs to CCleaner, beyond the handful that it supports by default. It simply scans your system to see what programs you have installed and adds support for many to CCleaner in seconds.

CCEhnacher ScreenshotCCEhnacher Screenshot before and after

With CCEnhancer, definitions for a wide range of custom apps can be download and installed within CCleaner in seconds. More notes on this program below.

  • Programs supported: over 270 as of this writing. Note that it checks your installed programs first, and installs support for only those programs that are on your machine. As an example, see the screenshot on the right for a “before and after” for my system.
  • 1-click operation: all you have to do is run CCEnhancer and press the “Download latest” button.
  • Works for CCleaner portable as well
  • Portable app: just unzip CCEnhancer and run it.
  • My unscientific test: I cleaned my PC with CCleaner then ran CCEnhancer to add programs, then ran CCleaner again; an additional 130 megs were cleared on my hard drive. (This test is unscientific insofar as you don’t know which programs I had installed that it added support to and how many extra apps ended up being supported (ten?, a hundred?, a million?). The screenshot on the top right will reveal this info, though.

The verdict: I like a useful free utility, don’t you? Kudos for the developer for an excellent job.

Version Tested: 1.4

Compatibility: Requires CCleaner installed on your machine. Requires MS .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 372K).