CDisplay is a program that allows you to view JPEG, PNG and GIF images that are compressed into a ZIP, RAR, ACE or RAR archive in an alphabetical sort order without having to decompress the archive. CDisplay was created as an ebook reader/viewer for .CBZ and .CBR ebook/comic book files.

CBZ and CBR files are essentially image files compressed into an archive and the extensions renamed as CBZ and CBR (for ZIP and RAR archives, respectively).

The program is designed to do automatic page sizing in order to present images in the size most suited to ebook/comic book reading, whilst maintaining high image quality.

Featured page sizing options are none; fit to screen, fit to width of screen, fit to width of screen if oversized, display at specific height, or display two pages.

The program will also (optionally) perfrom automatic color balancing. Scrolling up or down images is done with a single keypress.

Besides viewing CBZ and CBR ebook files, I have found CDisplay very useful in managing/archiving large libraries of image files, in that I can compress these into a single file that is easy to work with and still have them be clickable/viewable as a single entity.

  • Go here to read more about the CBZ and CBR ebook formats.
  • Go here to for instructions on how to convert CBZ and CBR into PDF.

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