Check any text for originality and/or plagiarism with Plagiarisma


The Internet is full with people who copy other people’s content to complete assignments, articles, and whatnot, whether it’s students, would-be writers or webmasters. If you are a content creator or teacher and you want to check whether the article you received or parts of it are copied, give Plagiarisma a try.

What is Plagiarisma?

Plagiarisma is handy online utility that allow users to check for plagiarism on web pages, documents, etc. If you want, you can even check specific text for plagiarism by pasting it in the field provided.

It also offers users a downloadable Windows app to check for plagiarism from the desktop, but for myself I prefer the online version as it can do the job without installing anything.

Plagiarisma screenshot1


To check any paragraph for plagiarism, go to Plagiarisma page and paste the paragraph in the field provided, and click on Check for Duplicate content button.

After analyzing the text, it will show you if the text is published elsewhere or not. If the text is found anywhere on the internet it will show you those domains in the results. It will also display the word count, the number of unique sentences and originality percentage.

Plagiarisma Result

You can also check for web pages and documents saved on your computer in the same way, Currently, the service supports HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT and PDF files.

Aside for checking for plagiarism on Google, Plagiarisma will let you check a number of other services such as Google scholar/Google books, Babylon, and Yahoo. Tthe Plagiarisma website offers a slew of other tools as well; ‘Synonymizer’, for example, will rewrite sentences, replacing words with synonyms to generate unique text, while the ‘Spell Checker’ as the name implies allow users to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

You can use Plagiarisma without registering, but if you ask me I think it is a good idea to register as it allows users to check for multiple texts and documents for plagiarism (there is a one document limit if you are not registered). Apart from that, it also offers users extra features such as a ‘Similarity Checker’ which compares multiple texts for similarities.

PLagiarisma Dashboard

The verdict

If you are are a teacher, blogger, editor, etc. and are looking for a free tool that can quickly check for the originality of a text (beyond just searching Google), you should give Plagiarisma a try. Best of all, you do not have to install any tool on your system.

Check out Plagiarisma.