Clean up your app permissions for Facebook, Google, and other service in one place with MyPermissions


If you’ve installed an app, game, or extension for Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Flickr, or a slew of other web services, then you no doubt have granted said app permissions to do any number of things, such as access your contacts list, your email, post or send email on your behalf, to name a few.

Most of us don’t think too much about these, but out of every 10 or so apps that we grant accesso, we are likely to have moved on a few days later, never to use that app or service again.

Which is where MyPermissions can come in handy; it allows you to quickly see all permissions you granted in some of the most popular web services, and revoke, change or edit them quickly, all in one place.

How to use:

1. To start: Go to the site. You will see a number of icons for well known web services, click on the icon for the service whose permission you want to look at.

2. Select your desired web service: You may be requested to log into your requested service. Do so. Note that if you have multiple accounts, make sure to log into the correct one. To clean up multiple accounts you will have to log out of one, go back to, then log into the next one, etc.

3. Editing: is different for each service. You will see a list of approved apps in each case, but your options will differ depending on the service. For most, you can press a button or click a link to revoke permission; for some, such as Facebook, you can pick and choose what the app can or cannot do (see for example my Facebook permissions page below, where I am able to tweak some of the the granted permissions granularly).

mypermissions dot org screenshot2

The verdict: a great service that can be very useful AND can save you time and unnecessary headaches. It delivers on helping you feel in control and more secure on the web. Use it periodically.

Try it out here.