Click&Clean: clean your system with 1-click using this CCleaner addon


Click&Clean is a free tool that works alongside CCleaner to provide 1-click hard drive and browser cleanup from within Internet Explorer, Firefox, or the desktop Quick Launch bar.

It can perform an instant, complete uninterrupted cleanup with CCleaner without exiting the browser or dealing with prompts and dilags.

If you use CCleaner to clean your hard drive (temp files, internet activity, cookies, history, etc.) you already know that it is an indispensable and excellent program.

What Click&Clean does is simply provide a 1-click complete cleanup using CCleaner from within Internet Explorer, Firefox, or the desktop Quick Launch without having to interact with any of CCleaner’s prompts or dialogs. Moreover, if Click&Clean is used from within a browser, the cleaning operation will be performed without the need to shut down the browser first.

Here are more notes on this program:

  • Adding browser buttons: in IE right click on the IE toolbar then ’customize command bar’ then ’add or remove commands’. Select the blue ’Cleaner’ icon and add it to the IE toolbar. For Firefox, right click the toolbar and select ’customize’, then drag the blue Cleaner icon to the Firefox toolbar. A desktop “quick launch” icon is added by default upon installation.
  • How it works: clicking on the Cleaner button in a browser or otherwise launching it from the Quick Launch bar will start the process. In Firefox, Click&Clean seems to also kick-start Firefox’s “clear private data” option (seems to be a workaround designed around CCleaner’s inability to clean the Firefox environment without shutting it down first). To configure Firefox properly, go to Tools > Options > Privacy, clear a check mark beside “Ask me before clearing private data” (see this page for more info).

The verdict: I really like this one, as I really like (a) having a “browser cleaning” function in the browser, and (b) the quick 1-click cleaning that it provides. If you already use CCleaner it circumvents the need to have an additional program in the browser (such as Cachepal or the Internet Cleaner component of ALToolbar to name two) that duplicate the CCleaner function and might not be as sophisticated as this program.

Version Tested: 3.0

Compatibility: Windows 200, XP, Vista. CCleaner required. Works with Internet Explorer 5.0 – 7.0 and Firefox 1.5.0 – 3.x.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 397K).