Clip and save web pages to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box with CleanSave for Chrome


If you’ve ever wanted to save an article or webpage (for example for reference, sharing, or later use) then check out Cloudsave, a Chrome extension that lets you convert any web page to PDF or DOC, optionally add a note to it, and then save it.

But what’s more, Cleansave can clean your webpage from any elements that you don’t want, allowing you to remove ads, navigation, images, or other elements.

Moreover, it Cleansave can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box and save websites straight into these cloud services, making it very easy to access your saved webpages from anywhere or make them available to others via shared folders.


Using CleanSave

Simply go to Chrome Web Store and install CleanSave extension. Once installed, a small icon will appear in Chrome’s taskbar along with other installed extensions.

Now, browse to the web page which you want to save or export to your Dropbox and click on CleanSave button. It will activate the extension and will show you tools which you can use to edit the document. If you want, you can easily print the webpage with a single click as well.


Clicking on the edit button will show you all the options the extension offers. You can save the webpage automatically to cloud services including Google Drive, Box or Dropbox. It also allows users to save the webpage in a user-friendly interface in PDF or doc format. If you want, you can even remove the images as well before uploading/saving the document and add important notes to the page for reference purpose. For printing purposes and to save printer’s ink, you can even edit the text or fade it so the printer uses less ink.


However, in order to upload the files, you must give Cleansave access to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Box account. It will notify you once the file has been uploaded to your account.


In Conclusion

CleanSave is a really useful extension that allows users to (a) clean up web pages, and (b) save or upload them to multiple cloud hosting services. There are a host of similar extensions that can do the former, but where CleanSave trumps them is in it’s ability to connect with and save straight into your cloud services and accounts.

Other things we like about this one: the fact that it saves webpages to PDF or DOC, the fact that it does a great job at cleaning up your page, the ability to add a note to any page you save, the fact that it automatically stamps saved documents with the original URL, and the fact that it just looks good and is potentially so very useful. CleanSave might well have earned itself a permanents spot on our ‘essential Chrome extensions’ list.

If you try Cleansave for Google Chrome, feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

Download Cleansave (Google Chrome). [Thanks to reader Panzer for the tip about this extension].