ClipCase is a nifty little program that enables a number of on-demand text formatting operations on any text in the clipboard, including uppercase, lowercase, proper case, remove returns, remove “>”s and a number of others.

It runs in the background and can be accessed through the system tray.

At first this program reminded me of PureText, a program which allows on-the-fly formatting removal from any clipped text.

On closer inspection, I realized that, although in fact ClipCase does remove all special formatting from text that you have copied into the clipboard, it can also perform a number of useful text operations.

Note that operations are selectable through radio buttons; you can select multiple operations to apply to your text (e.g. Capitalize sentences AND remove “>”s AND no blank lines, etc.)

List of Operations:

  • Uppercase, lowercase: self explanatory
  • Proper case, capitalize sentences: these allow you to render a text into a standard sentence formatting.
  • Remove Returns, double-remove returns, no blank lines, no double spaces: self explanatory.
  • Remove “>”: for processing quotes from email clippings.
  • Cleanse: not sure what this one does, but I assume it removes specia and/or non-printable characters.
  • Trim end: i.e. remove any spaces that may exist beyond the last character of the text (and that you may or may not be aware that they existed).

You can choose whether or not to have this program start minimized with Windows, and its memory usage is very small (it only takes up approx. 1.5 megs of memory). I imagine that the average computer user will find this program very useful, but if your work inolves a lot of copying/pasting and/or working with text, it will be nothing short of a godsend. Recommended.

Version tested: 2.2.0

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 1.4 megs).