Close’n Forget for Firefox removes cookies and history when closing out a tab


Close’n Forget is a free Firefox extension that allows you to close out a tab or window and instantly erase traces of the site(s) you were browsing in that tab or window (cookies and/or history) without erasing those from other browsing activity.

It adds a single red button in your browser toolbar that can provide instant 1-click privacy.

With this extension allows you to do is instantly remove traces of a site that you’re browsing, without having to remember to do it later on and without affecting the cookies and history of other browsing activity.

Some practical uses are:

  • Instant, 1-click privacy (and security: without having to remember to clear your cookies and/or history later on, and without removing all traces of all of your other activity that you might want to preserve.
  • Site development: developers, webmaster, and testers will love this tool, especially when a site that they are testing or working with places cookies locally that they need to always remove in order to make/test changes.

More information on this one below:

  • Closen Forget screenshot - settingsWhat it removes: Close’n Forget remove cookies by default but can also be enabled to remove any reference to the current site from the browser’s history (from the settings). You can set it to remove the current domain from the browser’s history (e.g. or; as well as subdomains (e.g. Alternately, you can set it to forget all pages viewed in the tab/window you are closing. The image to the right shows the settings screen.
  • How to use: you can either use the Close’n Forget option in the context menu, or place the Close’n Forget button on the title bar and simply click on that to exit a tab or window (instead of the button on the tab or window itself).
  • Installation: after installing normally, you can place the Close’n Forget button on the title bar if you want. To do this, right click on the main toolbar, select customize, and click on the Close’n Forget button to add it.

The verdict: a brilliant and original concept that is yet so simple! This one is definitely one of my top 10 must-have Firefox plugins (yes there will be a top-10 Firefox plugin posting in the coming weeks; feel free to give suggestions).

Version Tested: 0.6.4

Compatibility: requires Firefox 2.x or 3.x.

Go to the plugin page to download the latest version (approx 20K).