Closure: a “philosophical” flash game about being and nothingness


Closure is a free online flash platform/puzzle game with a philosophical twist. Except for a few deliberately placed light sources, the game environment is shrouded in darkness, and the only physical reality that exists in the game is that which you are able to see; all else is void.

Do you think the universe exists when you’re not looking? I know, that was a rather ridiculous question, so here’s another one: do you think you can set up an experiment where you are not influencing the outcome one way or the other simply by observing it? This one turns out to be harder to answer.

In quantum physics there is something called “the observer effect” which simply states that “there is no phenomenon until it is observed”.

Sounds rather presumptuous, I know, but I think what it boils down to is that whatever objective reality is “out there” is hidden from us, and that our engaging with it is a creative act; that we don’t just observe a reality that is independent from us but actually take part in shaping it.

Which is exactly what makes this game so interesting, as it is based on the premise that the only parts of the game environment that exist are the ones that you as the player are able to see. All else is a void, which, should you step into it, will swallow you to your death. Here are more notes on this game:

  • Very easy to get into: I thought I should mention this first; you will be up to speed with this game within minutes.
  • The objective: is simply to make it from the beginning to the end of a level, where a big door will take you to the next one.
  • Objects: you will encounter circular light sources that you can pick up and take with you to light your way. Other objects: keys to open locked doors, unlit objects similar in shape to the lights, and a sort of pedestal which, when an object is placed inside it, will cause other lights to kick into action and to travel on a pre-set trajectory. Figuring out how you can benefit from these moving lights is key to completing any given level.
  • Saved games: will remember the last level you played and give you the option to start with that one instead of the beginning. It WILL forget when you clear your cookies though.

The verdict: very original and well done game that is also extremely fun to play. The only downside: I now feel like I should carry a flashlight with me wherever I go ;) .

[Thanks go to my friend Diablo for letting me know about this one].

Compatibility: works with any browser; requires flash player 10.

Go to the game page to play.