Collaborate in real time and track projects, with KanBanFlow


Do you run a business or have to collaborate with colleagues that are in other states or countries? Do you need a new way to track productivity on projects? Do you enjoy organizational tools in general? If you answered yes to any one of these then you will be interested to check out KanBanFlow, a tool for groups to collaborate online, for free!

KanBanFlow provides a visual overview of everything that both you and your team of collaborators are doing right now, as well as what came before and what is coming up after. Collaborators will know what they need to be doing but will also know what others are doing and where the entire project stands at any particular moment.

If you’ve ever had to head up a project, managing other people and their selective goals and tasks and progress toward an ultimate united end (say, in the context of running a business, for instance) then you are more than likely quite painfully familiar with the challenge such things can offer.

KanBanFlow visual overview

Without the right tools, any job becomes that much harder and that’s true when it comes to organization as much as anything else. KanBanFlow offers a way to remotely collaborate with others on any project, keep track of progress, and offers group forums and mobile connections. All of this with a cost of absolutely nothing makes KanBanFlow an excellent place to start when you need to get something done in a group.

KanBan ScreenShot00290

KanBanFlow offers a host of features (and an excellent tutorial on using them) that will let you take your project from beginning to end, and make sure not one drop of the blood, sweat and tears of your team is wasted. It does this by offering three basic services. First, it will track the overall progress of your project or group goal. Second, it will allow your group members to collaborate in real-time online. KanBanFlow also offers you the ability to connect to your group members and share information on a global and mobile basis.

KanBan ScreenShot00287

You’ll have access to creating ‘boards’ that contain specific goals, sub-goal lists (also called tasks or to-do) and personnel lists. Each of these can be connected to each other in various ways and allow you to post updates on progress for each individual section and sub section and it even supports timers using the Pomodoro technique. In other words, you can manage or micro-manage your group members and their assigned duties as much or as little as you choose and KanBanFlow will accommodate you. Group members can then get online and collaborate through discussion and visual exchange of ideas in real-time, as well as participate over longer periods in forums created for your project. TO make sure all the group members are in sync and on the same page, there are apps for both Android and iOS available that will plug into the base KanBanFlow system with a minimum of fuss.

While there is a premium version of the program that offers some higher level services, there are surprisingly few limitations to the free version, which the developers have stated will continue to be free. None of the higher end services are what I would call absolutely necessary, and the free version will prove more than adequate for nearly any project you can think of. The only downside that I found was that it does ask you for an email address to register but that’s pretty common these days so it’s not much of a downside, really. Overall, I found KanBanFlow to be a blast. It was super easy to use, didn’t cost anything, and did exactly what it said it would. That’s always a winning combo in my book. Until next time, my friends.

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