Compress PDF’s quickly, easily, and for free with PDF Compressor


Did you ever have to had to upload or email PDF files, or use PDF’s on your mobile or tablet, only to be surprised as to how large PDF files can be? If so, we have good news: PDF files, in most cases, can be compressed, sometimes with a very significant size reduction.

PDF Compressor is a free program that can compress PDFs fairly simply in a single click, and can do so losslessly while preserving the quality of the original document. It is a local program for Windows that will not require uploading documents, and can convert files in batch, allowing you to run every PDF on your hard drive, if you like, for quick processing.

There’s not much more to say about this program. It is very easy to use (drag and drop your files in batch, click a button to process, and you’re done). But what I really like about it is that it is fast to process and works well. Note some of the significant size savings in the screenshot above (at lossless compression).

PDF Compressor screenshot

Better compression: you can get better compression if you edit the compression settings to allow minor quality loss. In the screenshot below right, for example, you can see a significant reduction of 18% and 19% after choosing ‘better compression’, while the default compression rendered slightly higher than 0% savings in comparison.

PDF Compressor screenshot2PDF Compressor screenshot3

The Verdict:

It is nice to have something like this as a local, installable program, as there has been a proliferation of PDF-compressing web apps that don’t lend themselves to batch processing of multiple documents (given that you have to upload your files first and then download them afterwards).

PDF Compressor is a straightforward freeware that does what it purports to do and does it well. If you publish PDFs, work with PDFs, need to email or upload PDF files, or would like to optimize them for best use on a mobile device or tablet, then give PDF Compressor a try; you will not be disappointed.

Visit the PDF Compressor home page to download (Windows). [Thanks go to user Panzer for the tip about this program].