Convert videos to flash FLV and SWF with “Flash This!”


Flash this! is a small, free tool that can convert video files to flash (both FLV and SWF).

This program is a frontend to FFMpeg, the transcoding engine behind the majority of freeware video conversion programs. Here are some notes on this one:

  • No decisions to make: except whether you want to convert to FLV or SWF. No resizing, changing aspect ratio or bitrate, etc. This is part of why I like this program. The resulting video will have the same resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate … etc, as the original. For a more ’transformative’ FLV conversion use SuperInternet Video Converter, etc.
  • Super fast: probably because it is not re-encoding individual video and audio tracks but simply creating a new container.
  • Supports SWF: which is simply fantastic, and another reason why I decided to feature this program on Freewaregenius.
  • Memory use: a nice compact 8 megs.

Wish list

  • The ability to go the opposite way (FLV to AVI). I know you can do this with any number of freeware conversion programs (which I mentioned above), but it would be nice to have this functionality here as well using the same simple interface, without giving the user a battery of decisions to make.
  • Portability. It would seem that a portable version would be very easy to implement.

The verdict: a very nice free tool to keep in your collection, especially if you just want a simple 1:1 format conversion and re-encoding. You will especially like this tool if you do SWF conversions as well as FLVs.

Version Tested: 3.0

Compatibility: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP & Vista (not tested on Vista 64-bit)

Download Flash This v3.0 here (8 megs). Program seems to have been removed from the developer’s page.