Convert web pages to MOBI or ePub ebooks with ‘Ebook Glue’


If you’ve got an ebook reader, such as a Kindle, you might be happy to know that you could convert a favorite website (or websites) into a MOBI or EPUB ebook at the press of a button, and read them at your leisure without being online in a nice, ebook-friendly formatting without ads or extraneous elements.

Ebook Glue is a free web service that can transform any RSS feed from any web site into a MOBI or EPUB ebook, and which you can read offline. It even provides a handy link that you can email or share that provides a direct download to your ebook.

The catch is that your website of choice has to (a) provide an RSS feed, and (b) the content is limited to the content in the RSS feed, which does not always contain the articles in full.

As far as it goes, ‘Ebook Glue’ is a beautiful service very well put together, which many ebook readers will doubtlessly appreciate.

ebook glue screenshot1

You can use ‘Ebook Glue’ with or without registration, but registering gives you the advantage of downloading updated ebooks compiled from your favorite sites without having to ever grab the RSS feed URLs again.

The output is beautiful. Check out the ebook made from this site below:

ebook glue screenshot2

In conclusion:

A great service that many ebook reader users will love, especially for content rich sites that provide full articles in RSS feeds. However, in the days where even ebook readers like the Kindle are becoming full-fledged, online tablet computers in their own right, this sort of thing may be a little bit outdated. (If you have an Android or iOS tablet, a service like Pocket may be a better option, since like ‘Ebook Glue’ it will also download articles in full for offline reading later on, and it is not RSS feed dependent).

Still, if you have an ereader and want to be able to access an a world of content quickly and easily, you will love Ebook Glue. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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