Convert your 2D photos to stereographic 3D for free!


Remember those old 3D movies like Jaws 3D? Want to make some of your pictures into 3D in the same manner? 3D Pic Converter is the answer and it’s supremely easy to use. Best of all, as always, it costs nothing!

There’s been a rather large influx of 3D tech in the news and in the general populace’s consumer shopping lists of late. Most of these items (like 3D cameras and the required televisions to check out the results) are pretty high-tech and quite different than the old ‘stereographic’ movies like Jaws

. While most of them do require special glasses, like the ones used in modern movie theaters, they are clear glasses that use a prismatic technology to give us sharp and clear motion and static views of the awesome action. Avatar was one of the first to use this tech and the more recent Hobbit series takes it a step further.

However, many folks still have some of those old red and blue glasses laying around for one reason or another and since I am one of them I have often wondered what the heck I would do with them. I can’t bear to throw them away, since they are both nostalgic and just plain cool, but I also don’t want to be known as a clone of the guy in Back To The Future that wears them all the time. So I went looking for a use for them and found 3D Pic Converter.


Quite simply, this program does exactly what it sounds like. It’s a web based program so you won’t need to download or install anything at all. Just go to the site, click the button that says Convert Images To 3D and then you will be shown to a menu that will allow you to upload any pic you want for conversion to the old red/blue system of 3D.

You’ll want to have a pair of these glasses on hand when using this part of the program, since once you upload your photo, you will then see a 3D version of it that will continually shift the 3D perspective back and forth in a slow animation. When the view is just at the point you want it, and the three dimensions look correct, just click the SAVE button at the bottom and you will be taken to a page that shows the pic you uploaded. It is now totally converted with the exact shift moment you chose and you can right click it to download the image and save it to your local drive. At that point you can do anything you want with it, including sending it to friends with a pair of those glasses you have laying around.


This program is super simple, free, and effective. There are a few ads on the pages, including one between the SAVE button and the image preview, but this is the biggest downside I found (not counting the fact that you need the special glasses to view it properly). The glasses themselves can also actually be made at home, using basic blue and red cellophane you can find in nearly any craft store if you can’t find any in your closet or attic. This is one of those fun programs/sites that may not have a snazzy GUI or a bunch of awesome sounds and slick setting options but it works and it doesn’t clutter your system. Until next time, my friends.

  • Check out 3D Pic Converter here.