CookiePie: launch multiple Gmail accounts (or any other web service) simultaneously in Firefox


CookiePie is an open source plugin for Firefox and other browsers that allows the user to open multiple accounts for services such as Gmail, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, or others in different tabs or browser windows simultaneously.

It can also be used by developers who want to work with different versions of web pages with each tab or windows having its own distinct cookies environment.

Those of us who have multiple accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, Twitter (or just about any online service) know that, because of the way these accounts store information in the browser cache, it is not possible to work on more that one account at any one time in the same browser.

Until now, that is; with CookiePie you can simply right click on a browser tab or window in order to give it its own unique cookies environment.

Here are more notes on this program:

  • How it works: right click on the browser tab and select “Toggle on/off CookiePie”, then log into your desired account. Do the same thing in other windows/tabs as you please and you can be working with multiple accounts of the same web services (Gmail, in my case) at the same time.
  • New tabs: created by right-clicking a CookiePie-enabled tab will not share the latter’s cookie environment.
  • Supported browsers: Firefox, Flock and GNU IceWeasel. I used it with Firefox 3.
  • Bugs/issues: although it worked perfectly for me, it seems that this plugin is still somewhat of a work-in-progress. (From the developer’s website) re-ordering tabs might in some instances not work properly, might conflict with some other extensions such as Tab Mix Plus.

The verdict: kudos to the developers for this highly innovative and all-around wonderful plugin that is also extremely simple to use. Top notch!

A video of CookiePie in action:

Version Tested: 1.0.2

Compatibility: Windows, Linux (Mac is on the way). Runs on Firefox, Flock and GNU IceWeasel browsers.

Go to program home page to download the latest version (approx 33.4K) Also see this page for more info.