Copy Handler: speed up and control file copying and moving operations


Copy Handler is an open source program that resides in memory and significantly enhances the copying or moving of large files in Windows.

It introduces the ability to pause and resume copy/move operations, can speed up transfers by up to 6-7 times, and adds filtering functions that determine exactly which files and folders to copy or move.

If you ever attempted to copy a large number of files and folders from one partition to another or across network or external drive(s), you might have run across a number of problems with the native windows copying function: the process can take a very long time, or it can ground to a halt for any minor reason, such as encountering a corrupt file, leaving you with the option to either try to fix the problem and re-do the copying operation (and hope for the best the second time around) or figure out which files/folders were copied and try to copy the ones that weren’t (which can be a very time consuming and precarious operation).

With a program like Copy Handler, on the other hand, the copying process is not interrupted by problematic, but moves on to the next file. Moreover, Copy Handler delivers full control over the


copying process; not only does it allow the user to pause, resume, or stop the process at will, but it also introduces a “file basket” type functionality and file filters that can control which files to be copied. It also can result in significant speed increases in the transfer process. More info on this program below:

  • Wish list:Speed
    : the program can deliver varying transfer speed increases up to 6-7 times faster than Windows. One of the reasons for this is that it employs a non-parallel transfer queue rather than attempting to copy many files at once. Note: these figures are from the program page; I did not measure anything Myself.Copy Handler control dialog
  • Control: once a copy or move process is in progress, Copy Handler displays a control dialog that allows you pause, resume, or stop the copying or moving process (screenshot above). You can also control whether to preserve the directory structure in the destination folder or whether to simply copy the file loosely without creating a folder structure. Copy Handler also provides control over advanced parameters such as setting priorities and customizing buffer sizes, etc.) which can be done through a larger, more detailed dialog (screenshot to the right).
  • Filtering: this is one of my favorite features. You can select, say, a list of hundreds of files, select copy then “paste special” from the context menu. This will display a filter that you can use to control exactly which files to be copied. You can, for example, choose to only copy zip and exe files and exclude all others, or conversely you can exclude filetypes in the same way. You can also use advanced parameters to determine files to copy (e.g. files that were created, modified, or last accessed after or before such-and-such a date, files that are larger or smaller than a certain size, files that have certain attributes, etc. See screenshot on the right for more on this.Copy Handler control dialog large
  • File “basket“: one of the things you can do from the filtering screen (accessed through “paste special” or the system tray icon) is to keep adding files and folders to the queue. This results in a centralized “file basked” that you can use to add all of the files that you want copied. Once you are ready to perform the transfer Copy Handler will copy the files in the sequence they were added.
  • Integration: Copy Handler can (optionally) be invoked by the CTRL-C and CTRL-V shortcuts as well as drag and drop, can (optionally) integrate into the Windows right-click menu, and can (optionally) observe the clipboard and, once it detects a copy operation, open a copy dialog that supports defining favorite folders.
  • Memory use: a mere 5 megs in memory. Small by any measure, especially when you consider the functionality it delivers.Copy Handler filters
  • Damaged file recovery: something which is offered by Unstoppable Copier and other programs similar to this one. Would be a nice function to have, although in some way it is no biggie since I can always use the no-install Unstoppable Copier if I need this.
  • Program deletes files skipped during move operation: according to the website this was a feature at the beginning, apparently, but now the author has it on his list of things to change. (And I hope this happens soon, as I am loathe to recommend a program that might delete wanted files).
  • Paste Shortcut broken: the version I tested seemed to cancel out the Windows native “paste shortcut” function. Probably an unintended issue, and I hope it will eventually be fixed.
  • Portable version: would be great. Both Teracopy and Unstoppable copier offer this.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

The verdict: overall this is a great program. It is unique compared to other similar programs (Teracopy, Unstoppable Copier, FFcopy) in the excellent filtering functionality that it offers, and its high degree of customizability. Plus it probably has the best system integration, and is open source. My favorite program in this category.

Version Tested: 1.31 beta svn152

Compatibility: WinAll. 32 and 64 bit versions available.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 42K).